Understanding Tasks module

Through this guide, you will learn the basics of the Tasks window, an explanation of its main elements, and the actions you can take.

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Composition of the Tasks window

To access the Tasks window, simply click the Tasks () link on the left side panel.

Once in the Tasks window, you can create tasks and manage all existing ones, even mark them as completed or incomplete or view those that have already been deleted.

The structure of the Tasks window is as follows:

  1. Add Task button: This button allows you to create a task.
  2. Show Deleted checkbox: This option allows you to view the tasks that are currently in the Trash.
  3. Action selector: This item allows you to mark a set of tasks as completed or incomplete or delete them.

    Note that it will be active only if there is at least one non-deleted task selected.

  1. Status filters: These filters allow you to view only tasks in a specific status, whether or not they have been deleted.
  2. Filter panel button: This button opens the filter panel to selectively search through existing or deleted tasks.
  1. Column filter: This filter shows all the available columns of the task table.

    Selecting or deselecting a column will show or hide it, and the table will always resize automatically.

  1. Help button: Available throughout Maatdesk, these buttons provide direct links to the documentation in Maatdesk Support for the window, module, or panel it is in.
  2. Table with all tasks: This is the main element of the Tasks window. It shows a summary of the tasks based on your selection and allows you to perform certain actions directly on them.

Structure of the Task table

The task table consists of a header and table rows. Although almost all column headings allow sorting, each row will be a task, and its most relevant elements are:

  1. Checkbox: This box allows you to select the task to act on it through the action selector.

    Next to it, an arrow () allows you to expand or collapse the task description in an additional row.

  2. Edit button and action selector (): The first element allows you to edit the task, and the second expands the following options:
    • Edit (): This button allows you to edit the task.
    • Mark as Completed/Incomplete (/): This button allows you to change the status of the task.
    • Delete (): This button launches a modal to delete the task.

    Note that certain actions may not be allowed, read the Getting started with Tasks tutorial for more information.

  3. “Priority” badge: This badge shows the priority set for the task.
  1. Task: This column shows the name of the task and:
    • Next to the name, if there is a time entry for the task, an identification icon allows you to view that activity.
    • Below the name, when applicable, a badge is displayed showing a completed task and who completed it.
  2. Other task information: The remaining items show the main details of the task, such as its due date, the matter it was created for, or to who it was assigned.

In Maatdesk, we make laws easy for you. Enjoy!

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